Dhaka, Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The symptoms may be caused by a parasite carried by cat

Health Desk: For some women, that time of the month can be so bad it triggers a complete emotional meltdown. But those who suffer severe forms of premenstrual syndrome may be suffering ...

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Snoring may cause a stroke!

Health Desk: Snoring can be infuriating if you are on the receiving end. But next time you feel forced to kick your partner out of bed for keeping you up ...

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11 stomach-flattening ingredients  

Staff Correspondent: Do you find your abdomen blows up after you've eaten? Ever looked in the mirror after dinner and thought you suddenly looked six months pregnant?   This is one of ...

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A story of breast cancer sufferer

Health Desk: A breast cancer sufferer who had a life-saving mastectomy will be left with differently shaped boobs - after the NHS refused to lift her other one to match. Gina Truman, ...

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You need to eat more chocolate for best mood

Health Desk: Christmas is all but a distant memory and pay day feels like an eternity away. So it's not amazing that so many of us feel so miserable at ...

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Red chilli may help you live longer

Health Desk: Researchers said, wish to live longer? Eating hot red chilli peppers with cholesterol lowering properties may help. The findings showed that consumption of hot red chilli peppers can lead ...

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Depression may be as risky as obesity and cholesterol

Health Desk: A study has found that the risk of death by cardiovascular diseases due to depression may be just as great as that posed by high cholesterol levels and obesity, Worldwide ...

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The vitamin that baby needs does not belong to breast

Health Desk: Mothers must take vitamin D supplements to protect their newborns from crippling illnesses, a new study warns.  A fifth of American newborns (roughly 800,000 babies a year) are vitamin ...

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Don’t ignore the snore

Online Desk: Snoring is seen more of a bedtime annoyance for people sleeping together, but little do they know that snoring could be a sign of an underlying health issue called ...

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Noise and pollution raises risk to pregnant women  

Health Desk: Experts recently have found that expectant mothers living close to busy roads are at greater risk of serious complications in pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia – a condition suffered by 42,000 pregnant ...

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A breakthrough for cancer victims

Online Desk: Most women blasted with toxic drugs to treat their cancer become infertile, but scientists have found for the first time their ovaries could be saved. Grafting part of a ...

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Cotton buds may damage your hearing

Health Desk: It's often thought to be a sign of good cleanliness. But manually removing earwax could actually damage a person's hearing, according to new guidelines by experts in the US. Researchers ...

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Some medical benefits of ginger

Online Desk: Ginger is one of the most widely used ingredients in home remedies. It has carminative properties, making it the perfect condiment to have for various health conditions. And winter ...

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Tips to prevent diabetes

Piggybacking the obesity epidemic, diabetes rates continue to surge. One-fourth of people don't know that they have diabetes, a scary fact, given the complications of chronic high blood sugar: heart ...

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Polio Response in Africa to Be Fast, Difficult and Possibly Dangerous

The counterattack against resurgent polio in Africa will be rapid, logistically difficult and potentially dangerous, involving millions of doses of vaccine, thousands of vaccinators and the health ministries and militaries ...

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Sleep disorders may increase risk of stroke  

People with sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea are more likely to have a stroke or recovery problems after having one than those who get sound sleep, says a ...

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Mizoram takes preventive steps for Japanese encephalitis

The Mizoram government has taken preventive measures to thwart the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis following reports of the disease in neighbouring Mnaipur, officials said here on Tuesday.

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Lose weight in one month without exercise!

As the saying goes 'slow and steady wins the race', this applies in a weight loss plan too. You don't have to go on a crash diet, instead, make small ...

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A new drug that can block Zika virus' journey from mom to fetus!

In a significant development, scientists say they have gained new insight into how the Zika virus infects the fetus, and a potential means of preventing infection.

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One kilogram a day with the lemon-diet!

Lemon diet is also known by the name “Beyonce’s diet”. That’s because the star used this diet to lose 38 kilograms after her pregnancy.

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