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Its HOT today!

2015-07-04 17:38:36
Its HOT today!

You have got out of home to reach office. But on the way you have to face three hazards: Traffic jam, summer heat and the limitless crowd. Unless you love people too much, you ought to hate the crowd today.

Because of the Eid-Ul-Fitr city mass has got crazyb with shopping. And as a result the roads got blocked.

But as a thunder strucks the dead, sudden extrimness of summer heat is driving people crazy.

Traffic jam takes its place everywhere. From gali’s to highways, all you got to see is bunch of traffic is standing still.

As the fast of Ramadan goes on, it is getting quitw unbearable for the public.

As the people were saying that due to VIP’s Iftar mahfil, roads are remaining blocked for a while.

So these things are making city dwellers life quite intolerable.

As the heat and jamgrows along, who knows what happens next?

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