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Mahi Mystery!

2015-07-21 16:38:39
Mahi Mystery!

Mahi was seen to sit and rise holding her with a pair of hands she got. Don’t panick please! It’s nothing serious.

It was in a video clip published in you tube. It was 3 times she did it. But the mystery behind this remains unfound.

She uploaded the video yesterday. She sat and rose with holding her ears for three times. She was seen to face at the 9thsecond of the video.

She used the caption which can be translated like this: “Feeling better yet?”

May be it was for someone special. At least, we can guess that, can’t we?

For some reason the special person was angry and she did this to lessen the anger.

Mahi’s new cinema Agnee-2 was released on this Eid. Om was her hero there.

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