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Food Bank, a group with food reviews...

2015-08-07 13:48:07
Food Bank, a group with food reviews...

Food Bank, the name strikes at first that is it a bank of food? What’s the purpose of this bank? May be it banks the food for the poor. Or it’s an elegant food shop selling food on facebook.

Well none of the assumers get right, when they see its nothing but group with food reviews in facebook.

People posts about the food they had in a particular restaurant and it’s mostly like a review. There is also a marking system for the food quality. Mark goes on with food taste, serving environment and price. Each episode has 10 marks in total.

Sometimes posts are seen, which work to arouse awareness for VAT information. Like, telling the group members to check on the VAT invoice, so that the restaurants cannot cheat.

135, 335 is the exact number of the group members last checked on.

It’s a group that may be making a trend of food review in Bangladesh.

If want to have fresh food out, check on the group. May be something delicious and affordable can grab into your hand at once.

Hope this group creates the art of food review in Bangladesh…

Here is the link of Food Bank

Food Bank

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