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Safe haven for prostitution: Foyes lake

2015-08-14 12:37:53
Safe haven for prostitution: Foyes lake

A safe haven for prostitution is going on in Foyes lake, Khulshi guest house and resort. Prostitution is going on everyday here. Locals have had enough with this. Nothing can stop this pervert form of business.

According to the iDB, 9 women were arrested by an expedition of 6th August. More 50 were arrested in last of July. One ASI and a constable were arrested too.

The hotels are being used as brothels often. The small rooms have a safe system of having sex.

Real park, Lake city, Lake point resort, Lake garden and Golden are the 5 residential hotels being used as bigger brothels. Prostitutes make crowd here, not the tourists.

Most of the customers are young college students.

According to a businessman, most of the customers are college students and young people. They enter and stay for a while. Other guests are rare here.

The locals have fallen in an image crisis for this. People from elegant family also come here for the utter happiness.

According to Khulshi social welfare association, there are 411 houses. Among them the house of Liakat Hossen has been driving the brothel for 8 years. Drugs are also available here.


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