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Interview of Head of HR, LankaBangla Finance 

They have seen a paradigm shift

2015-08-18 11:58:41
They have seen a paradigm shift

Faisal Haque:

  • Tell us about Lanka Bangla Finance.

**We have seen a paradigm shift over the last 3 years of Lanka Bangla Finance. LBFL is now more focused on financing activities rather than depending on share market activities. The Moto of Lanka Bangla Finance is “Growing Together”, which indicates that if organization grows, employee will grow too…

Considering our visionary Management Team, LBFL HR believes that LBFL is going to be leading financial institution in Bangladesh within our targeted time frame.

  • Please say something about Lanka Bangla HR activities.

**Previously HR was known as post office or administrative or personnel department. HR will act whatever they will ask to do, nothing more!

Upon taken over charge, LBFL HR has tried to create a culture where all employees will be on a unique platform and will think in the same way towards achieving company goal. Apart from this, HR has taken following initiatives:

  1. Employee Engagement Initiatives – Employee Events (Celebrating different occasions), focused group discussion about future leaders, Surveys
  2. Introduced Employee Handbook – A massive organizational restructuring has been donesince2012. New employees have been recruited from different organizations having diverse working culture. To create a unique platform and work culture, this employee handbook will help them a lot. A new joiner will find out most of the answers from the employee of handbook. In fact, it entails the way of working at Lanka Bangla Finance.
  3. HR Magazine – This is monthly HR Magazine “HARMONY” where an employee can see the monthly HR activities, highlights of employees personal and professional achievements, various articles, employee column and many more features.
  4. Introduced Recognition Program ‘HEROES@WORK & DINE with Managing Director’ – These recognition program have designed to recognize employees who are giving extra effort to make the organization forward.
  5. Learning Institute – If you want to grow, you have to develop your people. Our Management believes that our people are the key strength. Hence, continuous learning initiatives will help to create a knowledgeable, process oriented and efficient workforce to achieve the organization’s desired goal.
  6. Developed HR DASHBOARD – HR prepared DASHBOARD on monthly basis focusing on employee productivity. Also highlights demographic analysis of current employee base, Staff cost analysis etc.

  • How do you think that you are making any difference in HR on terms & strategy from other NBFI & Banks?

**LBFL HR is creating difference from others by providing competitive compensation package, friendly working environment, rewards based on performance, developing talents through learning initiatives and empowering people to deliver at their level best.

  • Recently you have introduced to HR Employee Handbook which has never done by any NBFI or Banks. What you think, that makes it different to your employees?

**Introduced Employee Handbook – A massive organizational restructuring has been done since 2012. New employees have been recruited from different organizations having diverse working culture. To create a unique platform and work culture, this employee handbook will help them a lot. A new joiner will find out most of the answers from the employee of handbook. In fact, it entails the way of working at Lanka Banlga Finance.

  • Recently you have successfully organized the Half Yearly Town Hall Meeting 2015 and you also introduce E Learning in this Town Hall Meeting. Please tell us about this successfully E Learning & Town hall Meeting.

**Town Hall Meeting is basically an employee get together where Managing Director presents organizations current status and way forward for future and how employees of the organization can contribute. But main part of the town hall meeting is rewarding employees for their various contributions during a specific period. We have different level of recognition schemes considering the impact of the contributions of the employees.

E-Learning a web based platform of learning for the employees. This will ensure employees to learn from their desk! Besides, it is cost effective solution from organization’s point of view.

  • What you think what are the changes & obstacle you are facing in this industry and your recommendation.

**Since finance companies are not like banks, it is really difficult to attract talents. Brand values are yet to establish. Working environments are ye to up to the mark, absence of corporate culture are the challenges in this industry.

Friendly working environment, Competitive package, Give them a feel of worthiness, Ensure corporate culture that is focus on company’s vision, mission and values.

  • Dose Lanka Bangla Finance is the great platform to start career? Please Explain.

**Indeed, this is a great platform to start your career. Fresh graduates can have the right kind of learning opportunities over here and can have fast track career based on performance. They will be in touch with vibrant and energetic workforces who are committed and accountable for achieving organization’s goal. Empowering people is another feature that you will get here.

  • What jobs & career you are offering to fresh graduate?

**LBFL offers job based on interest of fresh graduates. However, considering its nature of business, customer service and selling products are the areas where we need our people most.

Thank you

Mr. Md. Shariful Islam Mridha

Head of Human Resources


Bio of the interviewee:

Md. Shariful Islam Mridha, Head of Human Resources has been working in LankaBangla Finance since November 2014. Prior to join LankaBangla Finance, he was the Head of Recruitment, Performance Management and HR Relationships of BRAC Bank Limited. He started his career in 2005 with a renowned law firm ‘Sadat & Sarwat Associates’ and later switched to Human Resources Division of Grameenphone Limited in 2006. He possessed almost 10 years of professional experience in the arena of Human Resources.

Mr. Mridha obtained his Bachelor of Laws (Honors) and Master of Laws from University of Dhaka. He also did his post-graduation diploma in Human Resources Management from Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), UK through Dhaka Campus. Currently, he is enrolled in Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program under Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. He has attended various job specific and leadership trainings in home and abroad.

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