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The majestic winners; DU MCJians

2015-08-31 23:41:29
The majestic winners; DU MCJians

Mass communication & journalism dept. of Dhaka University has started with trembling the ground by feeding the pop science with 3 goals. It’s an annual inter department football tournament of DU.

Each year students look forward to uphold their department squarely and prove them the solemn best through this tournament.

This year the tournament was also in vague. As a part of it, Mass communication & journalism department began their journey.

It started with a winning over 3-1.

MCJ was playing in a harmony from the very beginning, still they couldn’t find the way to place the ball in web. Though their sportee dance kept the audience above all the time, the linger to make a hole made them a little restless.

Then this Zahid (Captain) came with fierce success against population science and gifted a brilliant goal to MCJ.

But population took the opportunity of weaker defense from MCJians. They made the post for once and brought equality.

After that, population gave a clappable performance and craved a shiver through the MCJians. But not for long, MCJ managed to crawl out from the bad drill. They attacked restlessly to ensure the winning glory.

Alija took the role of cold killer against pop science, Which made it easy for them to hunt the win.

Then Zahid blew again with the last hit of bone. Another goal was there to put onto the score board for MCJians.

Though Zahid made two of the goals, all played explendid for the team.

There next match has turned into a must watch list for the audience.They had one thing in mind while leaving the premise, wow MCJ!

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