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Rituals of Hajj started with

The echo of “Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik”

2015-09-22 23:38:59
The echo of “Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik”

The Ritual of Hajj has been started with the echo of “Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik”(O Allah, I’m present). The tower has been left for Mecca with the holy ritual of the hajj at local time on Monday (1 September) in the evening.

20 millions devout Muslims from all over the world come to perform the Hajj in Mina.

As part of the Hajj they will stay Mina till Wednesday (23 September) in the morning. With The great hope of getting closer to Allah they spend time with Zikr-ajakara. And they do prayers together five times a day.
They will start the journey from Mina to Arafat after sunrise on wednesday morning. They will hear the sermon of Hajj and will do prayers of Johor and Asor (juhrain) in one Azan there.

After staying Arafat till sunset they will start their journey for Muzdalifah after sunset. After reaching Muzdalifah they perform Maghrib and Isha prayers in one Azan. Then they spend that night under the open sky at Muzdalifah.

After spending that night the Muslims will back Mina from Muzdalifah. To get Allah's pleasure they return to Mina to sacrifice animals and cut their hairs.

Muslims will throw seven grit to big jamarate (evil’s symbolically) at the time of evening.

Thus consecutive three days throwing grit to three jamarate they will go to Mecca. Through the departing circumnavigate (Tawaf) the Kaaba Sharif the formalities of Hajj will be complete.

According to the given information, more than 20 million Muslims perform the Hajj in this year. Through them 1 million 6 thousand 657 people from Bangladesh.

The number of Hajj pilgrims are expansioned by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj in this year. 20 percent of total global scale hajj pilgrims and the 50 percent of Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia has approved internal authorities. The expansion work will take time to Mecca for three more years.

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