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Read on the Internet without any cost

2015-10-15 00:33:16
Read on the Internet without any cost

By the Social media Facebook project Robi customers could be able to read on the Internet without any cost.

The internet.orgbrought under the project on 24 September.

100 million Internet users around the world could access to the Internet free by dot-ORG project is being launched in several countries. One of the founders of Facebook has launched a project in Bangladesh on 10 May., Prothom Alo and BD News are Under this project. There are not any other news side included here from Bangladesh. However, several other sites have come under this project. These sites are public information, job search-news, e-commerce, online market place, information about education, women's health, emergency numbers and weather websites.

Users can browse the sites by logging on to

This service can be used by the smartphone application download. This app is now available on Google Play Store .

You have to do:

1. First you need to download the app. Go to the store for free. Then install the application on the mobile phone.

2. After installing it, open and log in to the Internet dot-org. If you do not have any account then you have to sign up.

3. You will see a list of Various websites on the internet in the dot-org homepage. It does not take charge of your data when viewing a website.

you can download from the Google Play Store also.

Conditions apply:

1 . Including the list on internet dot org organization can be viewed free of charge only.

2. Only Robi subscribers are getting the benefits right now.

3. Photos , videos or any content of files can not be uploaded or downloaded.

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