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Businessman is planning Lavish Weddings For 100 Poor Girls

14 Apr, 2016 22:16:31

Like most business tycoons from Surat, Gopal Vastapara too could have splurged on his son Vaibhav's wedding in February.

But he opted for a simple ceremony that was attended by just 300 people, mostly relatives. Now, this 51-year-old real estate developer is planning to spend lavishly to get his 100 'daughters' married!

Vastapara is busy preparing for mass marriage of 100 girls from socially and economically backward families, irrespective of their caste and religion.

On April 28, these girls will get married at an extravagant function to be held in Vastapara's native village Chamardi in Amreli district. He identified girls from different talukas of Amreli and Rajkot districts whose families are unable to bear the marriage expenses.

"We decided to get our son married in a very simple function and instead use the money to help 100 girls from poor families by arranging their marriages. Our moto is Sarva Dharam, Sarva Samaj (All religion, all communities). The girls who will get married are from various castes and include six Muslims too," Vastapara told TOI.

Unlike most mass marriages where the number of invitees is capped, Vastapara has allowed the girls as well as the grooms to call as many friends and relatives as they wish to. It is expected that nearly 60,000 people will attend the ceremony in Chamardi. "We will provide all the household belongings required to start a new life. I consider all of them my daughters," said Vastapara, who is spending at least Rs 3 crore for the cause.

The real estate developer has pledged to sponsor lavish marriages of 100 girls every year for the next 10 years. The newly-wed couples will take a pledge to 'Save the girl child and save environment' on the marriage day.