07 things you can only understand 

03 May, 2016 20:33:37

As society celebrates you for the differences you make to the lives of children, it’s nice to get some recognition for what is a very tough job.

But you know that there is so much about the role that those who have never been at the chalkface don’t realise.

As teachers can nod along with the things about their job that they recognise, those who have never worked in a school are about to discover the secrets of the staff room in these 07 things that only educators understand.

1. The colour co-ordinated marking. Oh, this is NOT a good batch of homework. Now, where did I put my blood red pen…?

2. That kid that you secretly hate. Sorry folks, but teachers DO have their favourites. And it stands to reason that they therefore have their least favourites too.

3. Seating plans. You spend hours on them, purposefully crafting the social experiment that will turn Set 5 Year 9 into darling angels. You spend an entire lesson implementing it and by the time the next lesson comes along, you’ve given up. Mostly because you’ve forgotten where everyone is meant to be sitting.

4. The colleague who leaves the staff room at lunch time ten minutes early to ‘set up for Period 4’. You will NOT make me feel guilty for squeezing in another cuppa.

5. Exam invigilating. If you didn’t play games with your colleagues such as having races up the aisles or seeing who can make the most students look up, you weren’t using this work time effectively.

6. Rival departments. The staff room divide was never more apparent than at after-school training sessions. The announcement that we would be mixing in with Science for some role play was a work nightmare.

7. The kid who reminds the class that there was homework due is just as irritating to us. We forgot it for a reason. Mostly because we recalled that it’s double Corrie tonight and we don’t have a marking window.