Most eco-friendly wedding in the world!

12 May, 2016 11:53:57

Shasvathi and Karthik have set a new benchmark for marrying couples everywhere. The Mumbai couple tied the knot in the most eco-friendly fashion imaginable, and one which is giving us brand new wedding goals.

Here, take a look at how Shasvathi and Karthik's day went down.

1. Shasvathi opted for herbal menhndi that was purely organic.

2. Even with her make-up, Shasvathi made sure that none of it was tested on animals. It was directly applied on her.

3. Dogs were invited! Yes, the cute little pooches made their way onto the guest-list and made for an important part of the wedding.

4. There was no use of flowers. Anywhere. Even the garlands.

5. The decorations were made entirely out of cloth and still looked pretty!

6. Paper napkins were ditched for 2000 old newspapers!

7. The ice cream spoons were edible.

8. Dry coconuts were used to spread cool messages on how to save the environment.