Hundreds of dangerous spiders released in UK!

20 Jun, 2016 13:53:35

Around 400 fen raft spider the largest of the nation’s 660 species of spider – have been deliberately set free by zoo keepers.

The eight legged monsters have brown or black bodies with white or cream stripes along the sides and a span of over seven centimetres – 2.75 inches.

They live in fens and other wetlands in southern England and Wales and are able to sit on the surface of the water and move across it thanks to their hairy legs.

They enjoy munching on small spiders, dragonfly larvae and pond skaters, however they are not averse to catching small vertebrates such as fish and tadpoles.

And they are ‘very caring mothers,’ experts said.

Now Chessington World of Adventures zoo keepers have been rewarded for helping to reintroduce the spiders back into its natural habitats.

The popular tourist attraction released fen raft spider-lings as part of a conservation effort for the endangered species.