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10 apps are killing your phone’s battery

27 Jul, 2016 14:20:27

Do you allow your phone’s battery to die before the end of the day, or take a clunky charger everywhere you go?

As an alternative, you could simply try to cut down your use of the 10 apps that really drain your battery life.

For this study, battery usage was measured on Android phones only – but the same apps are likely to have a similar effect on iOS and Windows devices.

That’s because any apps that ‘wake up’ your phone and use a high amount of data will chow down on battery, no matter what your smartphone of choice is.

Just before we kick off the list: a disclaimer.
It may guzzle your phone’s battery so quickly it’s almost impressive, but you won’t find Pokemon Go on this list.

Data was collected between January and April – before half the world began their quest to be the very best.

Rest assured though that if the tests were re-run now, your new obsession would almost certainly take top spot.

1) Facebook
2) Google Maps
3) Facebook Messenger
4) Instagram
5) BlackBerry Messenger
6) Chat0n
7) Kik
8) WhatsApp
9) WeChat
10) The Weather Channel