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Lice selling in high price!

03 Sep, 2016 18:34:23

Lifestyle Desk:Lice are very boring to all and almost everyone wants to be free from this dreary creature.

How much money have you spent to save you from it?

The question, sounding very common even in the recent past, is not applicable to many people now due to a recent outcome of a research.

Surprisingly lice therapy has become very popular in the saloons on Dubai, capital of UAE.

The new information that ‘lice can protect hair fall’ makes those astonished already spent huge money in removing lice. They are now collecting lice as compensation to the previous misdeeds.

People in Dubai have to spend now 14 Dirham for collecting each louse. Thus a new market has been created in the country based on lice.

Interestingly, women are now caring their lice carefully instead of removing this insect, once they spent huge time and money in removing those.

Meanwhile, the position of Dubai government is against this business. Even government is charging fine those involved in this business.

However, quoting doctors as saying, the new research claims that lice are very helpful for hair and health. It protects hair fall, makes hair strong and keep the body healthy.