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Nudulase raise interest being dope remix!

2014-09-28 17:05:32

To attract buyers, the opium of noodles mechano! After affirming that the seller has to start a massive outcry.

After the test, there is also the existence of opium pareghatanati nudasa later drove a noodle shop in China iyanana sanajhi province.
Recently, a customer to test juiyu Liu Yuri gets the publicize. Evidence of drugs in her body to match the test. He was surprised to go.

Day in the life of the drug did not see him. However, a few hours before the test, he ate nudalama from the store.

It must be suspected juiyura Liu. He sent his relatives to the shop and put the noodles after eating them, Yuri Test. After all the experiments the existence of the drug in the body. After the police arrested him on a complaint dokani janke. He confessed to the police nudalase drug mixing.

Jung said last month he bought poppy seeds powder 1 kg of hundred dollars in it. After they are mixed with the noodles. He was done in order to increase the number of buyers said.

Poppy Seed Dressing was a popular element of fun to build in China. But the Chinese government has banned its use. It is currently used in a criminal charge.

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