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Hrithik told to stay away from me: Katrina

2014-10-05 10:12:14
Hrithik told to stay away from me: Katrina

Ranbir Kapoor recently was heard on why Hrithik rosanake Katrina had taken. Many people shy away from even said ranabirai or kyatake says Hrithik. But now, I think the real truth came out publicly. Katrina blew up the Khabar said, for Hrithik or she avoided him.

CAT said, "My understanding thikathai with Hrithik. We 'Zindagi milegi dobara' chabitao worked together. Just as 'Bang Bang' pictures I've shared with him my all. But the changes and return to the surgery since then and are much less than cupacara speaks. Even hrtbirai told me to stay away from him. This is why I am a little away.

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