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Contraceptive pill can slash the risk of ovarian,womb

Online Desk:Landmark research has found that women who take the Pill while young are at lower risk of ovarian, womb and bowel cancer more than three decades later. The study of Details

Know about why casual sex is not so cool

Online Desk:Does a one-night stand or romping without any commitment or emotional involvement sound interesting to you? If Details

8 natural ways to make your hair grow faster

Health Desk:Who doesn't yearn for long lustrous hair? But often due to insufficient nourishment and damage, our natural Details

Marriage makes you happier in life

Online Desk:Offering couples more reasons to celebrate love on this Valentine’s Day — and beyond, a new study Details

Some common hair myths disclosed

Health Desk: Pluck one grey hair, expect two more to grow back in its place. Pregnant women should Details

Shoulder pain increases heart disease risk

Online Desk: If you are facing shoulder problems, they may be due to some heart disease risk factors Details

Men love being in a relationship

A lot of men, we assume, are afraid of promise. Some people really do and they have their Details

Lice selling in high price!

Lifestyle Desk:Lice are very boring to all and almost everyone wants to be free from this dreary creature.How Details

Everything has a season, even divorce

Everything has a season - even divorce, say scientists who found that filings for divorce consistently peak in Details

People fall in love at fourth sight, not first

Lovers need to meet at least four times before cupid strikes, according to a new study which suggests Details

Are you addicted in love?

A 2010 Stanford study went on to prove that the butterflies are real. The study found that the Details

Plan your lunch at breakfast time and lose weight!

The secret to cutting calories could be to plan your meals in advance and order lunch immediately after Details

Rose wine chocolate is the new trend

This is rosé wine chocolate.Delish just brought our attention to the existence of the magical treat, created by Details

Man walked 225 kms to catch Pokemon and lost 12 kgs!

Somebody had to do it and it’s done! Sam Clark, a British Pokémon Go player has caught all Details

Guns cheaper than smartphones in Pakistani!

Gunfire echoes through a dusty northwest tribal town, the soundtrack to Pakistan's biggest arms black market, where Kalashnikovs Details

10 apps are killing your phone’s battery

Do you allow your phone’s battery to die before the end of the day, or take a clunky Details

More brides are opting for portrait mehendi

If you still want the regular, intricate, bride and groom on your wedding mehendi, you are living under Details

Science-Backed ways to make you look more attractive

There are scientific ways to make you look more attractive. In fact, psychologists have spent years in finding Details

The Most Handsome Horse who has a fan following Of over 14K!

Meet Frederik the Great, the most handsome horse in the world!It's the horse that women like me dream Details

Start drinking black tea every day!

If you're one of those who loves to take an extra cup of black tea, it might not Details