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Thousands of Bangladeshi workers go on strike in Kuwait

Bangladeshi workers went on strike demanding different facilities in Hasabia of Kuwait Sunday morning. Thousands of workers of two old companies like Oil-Al-Nasib and Fazr-Al-Khaliz went on strike as the Details

UK BNP-Jamat-Shibir in panic

London Correspondent:The government is in hard line due to the several times dishonor to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's foreign trips. List of hundreds of BNP leaders and activists in Europe Details

Tulip Siddiq resigned from Labor frontbench

Online Desk: Shadow minister Tulip Siddiq has resigned from the Labour frontbench, telling the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Details

Nobel winner Yunus supports Cashless system  

International Desk: Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, has said, Details

3 peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic  

Dhaka: The UN said on Thursday that one of its peacekeepers, or Blue Helmets, was killed during an Details

Malaysian employers to pay tax of foreign workers

Online Desk: Malaysian employers will be responsibleto paythe levy of foreign workersbeginning fromJanuary 1 on Sunday, said the Details

Bangladeshi migrants as huge rush to get registered

Hundreds of Bangladeshi migrants, most of them undocumented, in Malaysia are thronging Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur Details

Bangladeshi couple murder arrested Younger too

Hasib Bin Golam Rabbi, 22, and his 17-year-old brother are responsible for the deaths of their parents that Details

Inside San Jose home Bangladeshi couple found dead

Inside in their home at San Jose of California in the United Statesa Bangladeshi couple was found dead Details

20 died in India by thunder volt

At least 20 died in India by thunder volt. It was in the Ondhro province. The random thunder Details

Fire in Mumbai Reserve Bank

A fire took place in Mumbai Reserve Bank. 8 units of fire service are working to control the Details

3 Bangladeshi died in Emirate

3 bangladeshi died in road accident in UAE yeaterday. They are: Forhad Hossen of Chittagong Hathajari, Aktar and Details

Largest gas field found!

Italian energy giant ENI has announced the discovery of what it says is the largest-ever off-shore natural gas Details

Death sentence to 7 in Pakistan

Pakistani General Rahi Sharif gave death sentence to 7 militias today. They were related with the killing Peshwar Details

Grenade blast in Kashmir: 11 wounded

A grenade blast took place in the mosque circle of Kashmir. 11 were wounded by this. They were Details

Blast in Iraq: 60 died

60 were dead in the pair bomb blast of Iraq’s Diyala province. 100 were wounded more. According to police, Details

Pilgrims killed by foot press in Jharkhande

11 pilgims died in Jharkhande while worshiping for Srabani Mela. 50 were wounded by this. It occurred 5.00 Details

Rebellion in Mishor died in police custody

A rebellion was killed in Mishor police custody. It occurred in Alexandria. As the rebellion had a defect in Details

North Korea decides to rewind the time

North Korea has decided to rewind the time to 30 minutes and start a new time scale for Details

Helicopter crash kills 16 police in Columbia

16 polices were dead in Columbia by the crash of a police helicopter. 2 were wounded. The helicopter Details