Swiss Bank hasn’t replied yet though Bangladesh Bank is sending letters for currency traffickers to report by. It seems like Bangladesh Bank is holding a helpless position to the Swiss Bank.

As Bangladesh Currency investigation agency sent a letter for negotiation, no reply was found yet.

Last year same was done but the result came same.

Source says, Swiss Bank is one of the safest place for currency trafficking. India and USA could get information from the bank after a long discussion. Bangladesh is trying to do the same, but Swiss Bank has no reaction to this.

An officer of BD currency investigation said, we tried to negotiate last month. But there was no reply. We are hoping to get their assistance here.

According to recent report, Swiss bank held 50 crores 60 lakhs Swiss Fra, which is in Bangladeshi curr ency 554 crores in 2014. Which is 1 thousand and 318 crores more, than the year of 2013.

An official of foreign ministry said to that foreign ministry is also trying to connect with Swiss Bank, but nothing told yet. But a negotiation will come fast as we hope.

MOU a negotiation paper was signed by Swiss Bank last year. They showed interest in exchanging information.

But Bangladesh Bank is still waiting for the reply. HSBC currency trafficking made Bangladesh to contact with Swiss Bank for currency report, reply is still held.

Swiss Bank never reveals its customers information. Not even the amount of money. They take money by a code.