At least died in acute sand storm in middle state. Hundreds of people are getting admitted into hospital for respiratory problems. Planes are failing to move too.

Normally this is not the season for sand storm in middle state. But, still the storm took place from Monday in Sirya. Then it spread to Missore, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq,  Turosko and Syprass.

As the was blocked by dust, air attack was closed on the crimers yesterday. At least 8 died in the country including two children.

Lebanon health office said, 2 women died in the storm. 750 got admitted in the hospital for respiratory problem.

As NASA satellite detected, mostly Lebanon refugee’s are suffering from this storm. They are living in aninhuman state in the refugee camps.

In Sypruss 10 got admitted into hospitals. Administration declared an emergency of health issue. People were advised to stay in home mostly.