Hrittik Rowshon already proved himself. Million Audiences fascinated by his magic of dance, acting and fight. Hrittik is ready to play any kind of role.

Audience already saw him as a ‘Superman’ on big screen. Which dance expert hero likes to play any action scene by own self is Hrittik Rowshon. But this time he will fight with the terrible crocodile at a risk. As the buzz running in Bollywood.

It is heard that Hrittik will act the main role in Ashutosh Gowarikor’s next film ‘Mahenjadara’. Hrittik fight with a 20 feet crocodile on a sequence in this film. He will be seen another fighting scene with a tiger. Then it was known from the team ‘Mahenjadara’, the fight with a tiger on the screen will be enhanced by special effects.

But Hrittik wanted to act all action sequence by own self. Due to his safety director didn’t agree with him.