Dhaka: Only after a pause from online social life did Bangladeshi realize how important the online social networking is in their daily life. According to a survey covering 7395 Bangladeshi mobile internet users conducted by UC Browser, the world’s No.1 third-party mobile browser as per StatCounter, only 6.8% Bangladeshi mobile internet users think SNS is not good for their daily life and 75.6% of them acknowledge the benefit of SNS.

The most popular SNS in Bangladesh is Facebook, with 85.1% dominant vote, and over 70% people are heavy online social networking users, spending more than 1 hour per day. Below are some more interesting highlights of the findings:

● Most users access social network via UC Browser, compared with other social apps and browsers.
● The above finding coincides with the finding that about 80% people favor UC Browser for its unparalleled social features, such as faster Facebook surfing and photo uploading, real-time Facebook notifications.
● Online relationships are not inferior to in-person relationships. Over half of the people have more than 300 friends on Facebook.
● About 6 in every 10 people are likely to meet online friends offline.
● Having a profile picture may help to get new friends. 80% of social network users consider Facebook profile picture is important.

The creation of a new word “Friend Best” meaning best friend of Facebook by UC Browser Bangladeshi users may also prove its popularity. This popularity of UC Browser in Bangladesh not only attributes to its unique technologies that speed up web browsing, but also its continuous product localization that caters to underserved user demands.

“Bangladesh is one of our most important market and we are glad to see our increasing development here. We will continue improving our products and providing better experience to Bangladeshi users. Our team is working on UC Browser Bangla version. The world’s first Bangla browser is coming soon,” said Kenny Ye, Managing Director of UC Web International Business Department.