Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has been working as an agent of Khaleda Zia of the BNP and immediately he ( the Chief Justice ) should resign claiming that retired Justice AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury Manik.

Outside the Supreme Court on Monday in response to questions from reporters, he said at one point.

He said, "Yesterday (Sunday) from the office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court that the press has been given about me is confusing. My words have been twisted. Yesterday, I did not do a press conference."

But he said, in the coming press conference a lot of new information he will give.

According to Bar President, the Attorney General and the Chief Justice, the recent activities of yours is being undermined the image of judiciary. When asked about it, he said, 'you see, the Chief Justice himself said, he was a member of the peace committee and he have been meeting with SAKA Chowdhury family. Did not it affect the status of the judiciary?'

The press conference can not be premises without the permission of the Supreme Court, after a statement from the Supreme Court on Monday morning retired AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury talked to reporters outside the Supreme Court in the afternoon justices.