Arfin Rumey music is one of the younger star in the music world. In a short time, he got a lot of fame. Criticism is always on his way. His marriage life also a talk of the town issue.

First time he married in 2008. Everything was fine. However, the happiness of his family suddenly broke, when married for second time in 2013. Before he married for 2nd time, he divorced his 1st wife.

But this time he gave divorce to his 2nd wife. He told that, his wife has relation with her ex-husband. Now, Rumi's mother filed a case cause they are not feeling safe.

When we talk with him he told a lot of thing about about his life.

BD24LIVE.COM: How are you?

Arfin Rumey: By the grace of Allah and your love I am well.

BD24LIVE.COM: What are you up to do now?

Arfin Rumey: I am the hero of song. So I am busy with songs. I have some another work outside. I'm a little busy with my songs.

BD24LIVE.COM: Arfin Rumey one of the famous name of time and you're a well-known singer, how do you feel it?

Arfin Rumey: Well, I think everything is God's gift. I love my audience because of I am the Arfin Rumey of today. Of course it's a great pleasure to me. I will forever be grateful to you.

BD24LIVE.COM: Arfin Rumi means the controversial person. Why is it?

Arfin Rumey: A man can not be good for everyone. And maybe the people who love me, also love to discuss and criticize about me.

BD24LIVE.COM: We heard about your divorced with second wife. However, it is your family matter. Even if you say something to your fans about it?

Arfin Rumey: There is nothing to say about it. Still, I can say, I love her so much but she is not worth it. I have repeatedly tried to convince her but she can't. I do not want to say anything more.

BD24LIVE.COM: What exactly do you want to convey your second wife ?
Arfin Rumey: She kept me under pressure mentally. She walked here and there always. She did not listen to me. Even, she did not treat me like her husband. And the biggest thing she has relation with her ex-husband.

BD24LIVE.COM: So, we could thing you are going to marry for 3rd time?

Arfin Rumey: A little smile in his face ... I could not say it right now.