Bengali film superstar SM Aslam Talukder Manna on February 17, 2008 have taken his last breath. Bengali films in the eighties when came in search of new faces they found SM Aslam Talukder from Tangail. After come out in the silver screen he became known as Manna.

Every year on 17th February, everyone started pretending about the memory of Manna. TV replayed across the country are promoting the Manna acted cinema.

But after 4 years of his dead, the Manna starring last film 'Lilamonthonn' has been stucked on sensor board. The film was directed by Zahid Ovi.

Bengali artists' Association general secretary Amit Hasan said to that, 'Why the film is stuck on censor board, I can not say. But I think, they should not stuck the memory of him. I am requesting the board on favor of Manna's fan to release the film quickly.'

Mousumi and Poppy are playind the leading ladies in the film.