BNP candidate Raisul Alam and their party workers attacked on the Awami League candidate Liaquat Hussain Monsur. They are tha candidates of Bhola Union Parishad elections. Tuesday night at 10 pm the attack occurred in the area of the kamaruddi Union.

In the meantime, the attackers guns fired, bombs and sticks at least 25 people were injured along with the Awami League party chairman. 3 of them were seriously injured anf were admitted to Comilla Sadar Hospital.

The rest of the people are in the first aid clinic. The attackers demolished the AL party chairman candidate's 5 election office.

Meanwhile, the party's candidates for the chairman post, his big brother former president of district of youth party alleged that they are innocent and he assault charges against the chairman of AL candidate. He said, the BNP candidate Raisul Alam was in his office. In the meantime, the AL party chairman candidate coaches his men attacked with machetes and sticks. In the meantime, more than 16 people were injured in BNP office. The injured were taken first aid.