Both of them are the most discussed and criticized person in the media. Model and actress Sadia Jahan Prova and singer Arfin Rumey have been discussed due to many scandal of their personal life.

Prova have been in the news for her sex video with her boyfriend and Rumey for his marital life. Now there is a latest news that Sadia Jahan Prova and Arfin Rumey are going to get married. Some of the online news portal have published the news.

When we contact with Prova she said, 'I didn't know who is Arfin Rumey, so marry him a far away. There are some slipper online who like to citicise me all time. There are some fraud people who work in the name of journalists. In fact, I do not know what to say. Hey brother, why are you lying on my back. Its better to mind your own

She also told that, 'I believed two people in my life. And for that man today society hate me. Please stop it now. Leave me in peace.'

However, to find out the truth of the matter when we contacted Arfin Rumey, his mobile number was switched off .