An unknown disease have found in Afroza Begum's (36) hand. Three fingers of her right hand is looking like a thick branch of a tree. Afroza Begum, wife of Billal Hossain lives in Tarash upazila's coksorappur village in Sirajgong has been suffering from since birth, the family sources said.

She was taken to the Tarash Upazila Health Complex for treatment. The medical officer Dr. Masud Rana Badal, Dr. Ruhul Amin Rony, Dr. Sojib Kumar Roy and Medical Officer Dr. Simul Talukder examined her. X-rays of his right hand has been done. Doctors could not say somrthing for sure about her disease.

Afroja the mother of two children, can't do any work with her right hand. However, there is the feeling in her right hand. Sometimes grow blisters in her hand and it pains a lot. Sometimes the pain comes right up to the shoulder.

She said, her husband could not carry the treatment. She will be very grateful if rich man come to bear the cost of her treatment.