Islamic State collect explosive from 20 countries and the various military provisions. Turkey is the biggest supplier then India. Indian firms have denied the accusations.

A report by the European Union of the Islamic State (IS) told that, from 20 countries, total of 51 company is exposed to supply the military. The report has been made by an organization named, 'Conflict Armament Research' (CAR).

The CAR study, which spanned a period of 20 months, however noted that the components were all “legally exported” under government-issued licences from India to entities in Lebanon and Turkey. The named companies produced, sold, or received critical material, such as chemical precursors, detonating cords, detonators, cables, wires, and other electronic components.

“Our product, namely safety-fuse, is an explosives accessory. Moreover, we have never exported our product directly to Lebanon or Turkey. Most of the time, our products are produced by us and exported by merchant exporting companies like Solar Industries, Economic Explosives, Premier Explosives and Ideal Industrial Explosives — all explosives manufacturers,” Jay Khemka, general manager of Chamundi Explosives, which is reported to have supplied safety fuses, said. All companies named by him figure in the CAR list.