After working all day, eyes closed, if it comes to giving head to Lang; But surely it is called good sleep. But if it is the opposite? Cut the sleepless night? However paradinata not very good cutter. Experts daytime Lethargy, weary, to become the leading cause of poor attention and mood khitamite spent sleepless nights; Whom we call insomnia.

After mental or physical exertion during the day everyone needs adequate sleep. If Sleep occurs in the necessary forms. According to health experts, changes in personal habits, the extra copy of tea-drinking, insomnia may be due to soyaraghare television viewing habits.

Pharmaceutical Companies in India aryubedika Vaidyanath Group Manager Clinical Operations and Co-ordination, according to Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, there are some foods which helps to greatly reduce insomnia.

For example, the hot milk. Dish very useful to reduce insomnia. If warm milk as tripatophyana amino acids, which act as sirotonina. This helps to bring sirotonina sleep. The milk is rich in calcium, which is helpful for sleeping.

Very helpful for good sleep at night and a spoon of honey. Honey helps to raise the level of insulin in the body. Moreover, it helps to relax the brain tripatophyana remain. Honey also helps in alleviating stress hormones that cause.

Kalao help reduce insomnia. Of tissue magnesium and potassium; To relax the muscles. If the muscles relax and sleep at night comes quickly. Eating a banana at night before going to sleep so good.

If you can sleep, eat some nuts, then flees. Magnesium has a collar nuts. Nut of the magnesium moves quickly to sleep. The balance between sleep and blood pressure as well as nuts. Milk also contains magnesium tripatophyana reason.

Cherry woods to sleep easily. One of those being that the fruit includes cherries melatonina. Cherry fruit melatonina body produces hormones that are brought up quickly.

Dr. asutosa the listed foods to eat before going to sleep for at least 45 minutes. Massage the head and extremities as well as dipped in hot water for some time to relax, but the mansapesi. It is also helpful to insomnia.