blets are fattened cattle feed very sajaha recognizable, you know, if things are landmarks. Let us assume that the way to recognize the harmful dose fattened cattle.

Feeding or injection of steroid tablets to be very quiet cows. Can not walk properly. Many will think thigh meat animals. Whole body fat clogged up due to the extra hormones. Beef with finger holes to allow the body of the pressure will be there after.

These are simple ways to identify cows to artificially fattened. Steroid tablets are feeding cow piss off, the body began to rise out of the water. This looks skinny cows. If the cows are not slaughtered in a certain period of time may die, or the flesh of the body can be reduced. But whatever, that's very bidajjanaka eating beef. The intense heat is not lost because of drugs. Sustained as a result of human influence.

Use of hormones in the cow's body is too clogged. It looks skinny cows. But beef kidney, liver and stomach are destroyed.

0 to 5 days before Eid unscrupulous financiers from 0 to 30 for each tablet feeding cattle together. Given injections began. The cows quickly became obese. But these animals do not live longer. Haramonamukta additional hormone-fed beef is not in the fire.