Close the door to the center of the car it has divorced his wife, a Saudi millionaire. India Today India-based media on Friday published a report has been made.
According to the report, the members of the family went to picnic outside the vehicle. After returning from a picnic in the car name from the wife of a person and helps her children off. Later he entered the house.
Then the man brings his wife suddenly gone mad and put the car to the door. But his wife refused his offer and that you are aware of the plant you are near the vehicle.
Then he became more frantic and he became angry and said, you are forbidden to me. If you do not begin the car door will not enter my house.
She could easily accept that her husband's behavior. Not to increase the commitment to make the house sits in a savage after he and his wife's visit to the house of his father. Many people have tried the platform between the couple. But konakichutei wife agreed. He said, irresponsible people who do not want to do with the house.