Militancy inside the Syrian intelligence services in the United States and the opportunity to have neglected the center of the country has become a global insurgency. Speaking in an interview with CBS television, President Barack Obama said.

This interview aired Sunday on 60 minutes they took the name. Obama said in an interview, with the Iraqi forces to fight militant groups saw the United States raising capabilities. United States Director of National Intelligence James klyaparera Obama said, referring to the previous remarks, the Syrian intelligence services in cases of negligence.
He assisted the Iraqi nrgosthigulora States Marine troops while eliminating the al Qaeda militants were hiding Islamists. But a few years, taking advantage of the chaos of civil war, large parts of the country in the absence of any government, they are organized anew, he said. This place is in the world, and the jihadists become mulakendre.

In an interview with the Islamic State (ISO), Obama highlighted the ongoing military operations targeting.

He said, we will shorten their territory with them pushing back their control and guidance centers, their capability, and their fuel supply system shall destroy their weapons, the money supply will stop and I will work to stop the flow of foreign fighters.

However, long-term peace in Iraq and Syria, has called for the need for a political solution.