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11 stomach-flattening ingredients  

21 January 2017, 8:55:54

Staff Correspondent: Do you find your abdomen blows up after you've eaten? Ever looked in the mirror after dinner and thought you suddenly looked six months pregnant?

This is one of the most common problems both women, and men, come to see me about in my private practice. There are many sources of food to help stop it.

In some people bloating is caused by a parasite infection or overgrowth of yeast or certain bad bacteria in the gut.

These all adore and thrive on sugar so try to cut these out. Include anti-microbial foods in your diet to kill/keep at bay parasites/yeast/bad bacteria.

Chop garlic into your salad dressings, and use as a base in soups and stews.

You could steep fresh oregano leaves in hot water to make a tea, or chop fresh leaves into your salad dressings, soups and stews.

Garlic and oregano are at the base of much Mediterranean cooking and it makes sense.

If a parasite infection is suspected, see your GP for diagnosis and further advice.

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