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2 cases enrolled over Banasree incident

5 August 2017, 3:50:00

Police have already begun two cases of sabotage and vandalism against over 50 unknown people following the clashes that erupted over the death of a domestic help at Dhaka's Banasree.

Two individual cases were enrolled with Khilgaon police station on Friday midnight.


Shahidul Islam, brother-in-law of the deceased domestic help, filed a case. According to Khilgaon Police Station sources, Shahidul Islam filed the murder case against house owner Moeen Uddin, his wife, guard of the house Kamal and some other unknown persons.

Three of them were detained the same night, police said.

In the meantime, police enrolled the other case against more than 400 people on charge of attacking law enforcers and vandalizing vehicles during the violence in the area.


Three people have also been held in this regard.


Angry locals ransacked a house, torched a vehicle and destroyed a dozen others following the death of Laily alias Mariam, 25, on Friday.

The demonstrators also locked into clashes with police.

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