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30 bodies recovered after launch capsizes in Buriganga

29 June 2020, 3:10:50

A total of 30 bodies were so far retrieved after a launch capsized in the capital’s Buriganga River today.

The Fire Service and Civil Defense personnel have so far recovered 30 bodies following a launch named ‘Morning Bird’ carrying about 50 passengers sank in the Buriganga River, fire service sources said.

“However, the rescue operation continues,” Rozina Akhter, duty officer at the Fire Service and Civil Defense headquarters, told BSS at 12 noon today.

She said the accident took place at Farashganj-Shyambazar launch ghat around 9:30 today. The passenger launch went under water near Comilla dock area, she added.

After receiving the information, the members of the fire service rushed to the spot and started rescue operation.

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