42 pilgrims who missed Hajj flights last night to fly Saudi tonight

29 July 2017, 4:48:21

At least 42 out of 105 Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrims, who have missed their flights to Saudi Arabia last night, will fly tonight.


They will board a flight of Saudi Arabia scheduled to take off at 8:00pm, an official at the Ashkona Hajj Camp in Dhaka told reporters.


Tickets of all the 42 pilgrims were made sure yesterday, the official said.


The pilgrims who missed to catch the flights for their late arrival at the airport alleged that the Hajj agencies did not maintain the timetable.


Some 1, 27,198 pilgrims from Bangladesh are almost ready to perform this year's Hajj. Biman Bangladesh Airlines will carry 63,599, the half of the total Hajj pilgrims and rest of the half will be carried by Saudi Airlines, the national carrier of Saudi Arabia.


The Biman's post Hajj flight will start on September 6 and end on October 5.


The national flag carrier will conduct 177 pre-Hajj flights, 144 dedicated and 33 predetermined  and 169 post Hajj-flights, 139 dedicated and 30 scheduled.

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