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5 killed in Habiganj microbus-truck head-on collision  

26 January 2017, 10:53:36

Habiganj Correspondent: At least five people were killed and eight other were injured as a microbus collided head-on with a stone-laden truck at Shayestaganj upazila in Habiganj early on Thursday.

The Shayestaganj Highway police Officer-in-charge Jakir Hossain said five passengers of the microbus, four male and a female, were died on the spot during the accident.

However, identity of the deceased and the injured could not be known immediately.

The OC said the accident took place when a Sylhet-bound microbus collided with a Dhaka-bound stone-laden truck as it neared Shayestaganj municipality area on the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway at about 6:45am.

The Shayestaganj fire service and Highway police recovered the bodies and took those to the police station. The injured were sent to Habiganj Sadar Hospital.

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