8 flights cancelled on two routes for carrying hajj pilgrims

13 August 2017, 7:54:00

The Biman Bangladesh Airlines has annulled all its flights on Dhaka-Doha route till August 26 to carry the intending hajj pilgrims who are yet to go to Saudi Arabia for various complexities.




Besides, three out of four flights on Dhaka- London route and all the five flights on Dhaka-Doha route have been annulled, said Shakil Meraj, General Manager Public Relations (GMPR) of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, reports UNB.




The decision has been taken to resolve the problem over carrying intending hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia, said the official.



A total 27,844 pilgrims were carried to Saudi Arabia for performing hajj by Biman and 31,274 by Saudia till 8am on Sunday.

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