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A beautiful lake in the capital

21 April 2017, 9:13:00

Nasrin Moni: Dhanmondi Lake is one of the most famous places in Dhaka. It is situated around the whole Dhanmondi area. When anyone wants to know about the lake at first he/she has to think about Dhanmondi Road no 32, because there is Bangabandhu museum beside the lake.

Everyday thousands of people come here for visiting the museum and for knowing about history of "The father of Bengali Nation".  The opposite site of the Bangabodhu house, there is a mini lake Jim. Every morning a lot of people come here for taking physical exercise. There is a mini meditation camp that name is "Quantum Method". Every morning hundreds people attend the free meditation program.

There is an old group for the old people and every morning 30 to 40 old men do physical exercise and take part in gossiping for refreshing their mind.

In the lake Rabindra Sarobar is another famous place where dramas, songs, dancing programs and movies programs are organized on different occasions.

There is a school for children in the Lake street. Everyday hundreds of boys and girls come here for studying. Moreover, the street children are enjoying free time as they get evening snacks from school management.

The students and people of all ages walk around the lake from morning to evening. In Dhaka city finding such a place for passing time with nature is not easy but Dhanmondi lake is one of the best and most beautiful natural places where people can enjoy the beauties.

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