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Arman Hossain

Senior Correspondent

A decade of BD24Live, greetings to the readers and well-wishers

14 May 2021, 3:01:58

BD24live.com. Today is his 10th birthday. He is passing 10 years on 14th May. BD24 Live is a news media that relies on the innumerable loves of readers of various professions from home and abroad. Which started on 14 May 2011. That is, on this special day. The country’s top BD24live.com started walking holding the hand of Amirul Islam Asad, the son of Barisal. Although the company started its activities on a very small scale at that time, today BD24live.com is soaked in the love of 10 million readers from home and abroad (including Facebook, Twitter and other social media). Thousands of readers are constantly being added. BD24Live seems to be crossing a huge milestone. Which is the story of a dream.

BD24live.com, the country’s most popular online news portal, has turned 11 years old on Friday (May 14). Since its inception, BD24live.com has been working tirelessly for independence, sovereignty, truth and justice for the country and its people. On this special day, on behalf of BD24Live.com, Amirul Islam Asad, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BD24Live.com, extended his heartfelt congratulations to all readers, journalists, columnists, well-wishers and advertisers from all walks of life.

On May 14, 2011, BD24live.com started broadcasting news with a young talented journalist from every district and upazila of the country. Which has come today in 2021 and has continued the trend. BD24live.com is soaked in the love of today’s readers for the sharp intellectual power and tireless work of the delegates. The sole claimant of all the success of the organization is the well-wishers including the working officers, correspondents and readers. Whose partner is the office staff. BD24live.com has been able to highlight the talent and hard work of the employees among the readers.

BD24Live, a leading local news outlet, has a large number of young talented representatives from various ministries, secretariats, various departments, law courts, crime, entertainment, entertainment, feature, Awami League-BNP, Jatiya Party and other political parties in colleges, universities and districts and upazilas across the country. There are. Those who are working relentlessly all the time on BD24Live from their respective positions. The organization has its own office. BD24Live is coming up with monthly honorarium for its staff and district and upazila workers.

Today, the first class news organization of the country is moving forward little by little through the sweat and labor of all after going through various adversities for 10 years. Obtaining objective news has won the love of innumerable readers. Recognized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Thanks to the prayers and love of all, the online news portal received its registration certificate last year (October 26). On the same day, Chief Information Officer Surath Kumar Sarkar handed over the registration certificate to Amirul Islam Asad, Editor-in-Chief of the portal at the Information Department. Additional Chief Information Officer was also present at the time. Shahenur Mia.

Meanwhile, at the present time the world is lost due to a coronavirus that is invisible. During this fatigue, many mainstream news organizations of the country have closed down. Most of which are in the grip of financial crisis. During this time, BD24 is fighting live for the love of the readers. News from the readers of the country and abroad has occupied the top position in the acceptance of Bangladesh and abroad. Amirul Islam Asad, editor-in-chief of BD24live.com, thinks that the closed media will return to its own pace after the crisis of the Corona period.

Amirul Islam Asad, founder and editor-in-chief of BD24live.com, said, “Today is May 14, 2021. It’s been 10 years. Entered the 11th year. The organization is not just a media, it is like my child. Thanks to all the people whose efforts and love have brought my child to different parts of Bengal. ‘

Now I am not the only proud father of this child. All those journalist friends are also its partners. Thanks to them. However, this year is an exception. The effects of corona virus are going on in the world. It has also affected Bangladesh. Thousands of people are constantly being attacked. We are going through an extremely difficult time. For this reason, it has been decided to refrain from all kinds of events this year.

BD24live.com may be a name, a web site, an organization, a mass media. All of these analogies go with it, but I don’t put them on top. To me it is a family, a place of love, an ideal and a place of change of conscience and morality.

Over time, the child may become much older. Many more people will fall in love with it. Just don’t forget all the people who were there from the beginning. Today BD24live.com in their selfless love. The expectation is that Corona will soon be gone and we will be able to return to normal life.

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