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A park that seems to be amazing and heaven in Dhaka

19 April 2017, 8:44:00

Nasrin Moni: Ramna is the biggest park in Dhaka. It is situated in the heart of Dhaka city. It is a natural beautiful place. There are a lot of trees like mangoes, jackfruits, lichies and different types of flowers. The Ramna  park’s area is vast.

Everyday thousands of people come here for walking, gossiping,dating and chatting. Some people come here for physical exercise. It is really a very beautiful place because in Dhaka finding natural place is not easy task. When anyone stays inside the Ramna park, they feel natural refreshment that seems to be village envirounment. There are a lot of ponds in the park. Some people come here for having a bath.

I think its a beautiful place for passing free time with natural beauties and enjoying free natural air for refreshing mind.

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