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14 vehicles try to control fire

A fire has broken out at a factory in the Chittagong EPZ

23 May 2019, 10:41:24

Photo: Internet

A firefighting incident took place in a cartoon factory in EPZ in Chittagong city. Fire service is being used to control the fire, 14 vehicles of 4 units try to control fire.

Today, on Thursday (23rd) at 8pm, there was a fire in the cartoon factory named Uniti Accessories of CEPZ. No casualties were reported yet.

Chittagong Fire Service’s Assistant Director Jasim Uddin told bd24live, that four units of different fire stations of the city reached the spot after the fire was reported. They are working with 14 vehicles for control the fire.

According to local sources, fire broke out at eight o’clock in the evening. Four units of fire service reached the spot after hering from mobile.

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