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A story of breast cancer sufferer

20 January 2017, 6:55:27

Health Desk:A breast cancer sufferer who had a life-saving mastectomy will be left with differently shaped boobs – after the NHS refused to lift her other one to match.

Gina Truman, 53, was diagnosed with the disease four years ago and received grueling chemotherapy.

Despite initially working, the cancer returned and in April 2013 the mother-of-two had her right breast removed to get rid of the tumour.

Doctors warned her that after the procedure, her skin would be expanded and an implant inserted to give her a brand new breast.

They allegedly promised her left would then be lifted to make it more perky, allowing for her size 42C breasts to be symmetrical.

But she was told in December that funding cuts in her local area meant that she would no longer receive treatment to give her identical breasts. However, she will still get the implant next month.

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