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Afgan soldiers Kill 9 Pakistani Troops near Afghan Border

6 May 2017, 4:46:00

The attack occurred yesterday in Miran Shah town in North Waziristan, the Pakistani Army said in a statement.

The army statement says that the Afgan troops had been firing on the checkpoint for the past few days before they ambushed it.

North Waziristan is considered a haven for militants. It is also believed to be a key command and control center for insurgents fighting US troops in neighboring Afghanistan.

The US forces have used airstrikes from drones to curb the threat but the Pakistani parliament has called for an end to the strikes, viewing them as an unacceptable violation of sovereignty.

There have been significantly fewer strikes this year.

But the US is unwilling to stop completely because the use of drones has weakened Al Qaeda and associated groups in Pakistan's tribal regions, parts of which are not under the control of the Pakistani state.

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