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All gas metres would be converted pre-paid metres

9 June 2019, 7:38:58

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid today said that all the gas metres will be converted into pre-paid metres.

‘We are taking a project to remove old gas pipelines from all areas along with the Dhaka city and set up new lines and install prepaid metres,’ he told journalists at a briefing at his ministry conference.

The state minister said the government was taking measures to provide 100 per cent pre-paid gas metres to all residential areas, adding, ‘We are discouraging use of gas at residential areas. Two lakh prepaid metres got connection and we have applied to JAICA for further cooperation.’

He said in future the government would install land based LNG and LPG terminals and after this the cost of gas will be affordable for the consumer, adding, “Japan has assured us to give more USD two billion for Matarbari extension project.”

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