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Ambitions To Secure The Internet And Dreams – The Story Of A Modern Day Entrepreneur: Kirti Sourove

9 July 2020, 2:54:05

Bangladesh is now pacing towards Digitalization since last few years which is well appreciated. And this credit goes to the persons too who are working relentlessly in this field continuously. One among them to make a name within short time is Kirti Sourove, who already bagged experiences to work with many well established Company in Bangladesh and even other Countries .

We came to know a lot about Sourove while the conversation. When started he was a regular meritorious school going boy. He came across this online sector while randomly surfing internet. Sourove thought to learn some skills out of curiosity. Little did he knew he would accomplish so much in this young age. Sourove now is working as a Cyber Security Specialist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Tech Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiastic. Kirti Sourove shares with us, how anyone can be successful as a Digital Consultant, it is really important to have an excellent attention to details as well as effective strategic plan. Security consultants has great communication skill and top-notch technical skills. Sourove wishes to build tech giant companies as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs in Bangladesh.

We asked Sourove how he finds his job to do in a regular basis. He answered in a beaming face which proved how happy he was. Sourove replied, “Though it is risky and challenging to work in IT, when I am able to complete something which makes me able to help someone or contribute to the Nation, that undoubtedly makes me proud. But working in the IT sector is very hectic too, at times as well, which is normal generally”. Hobbies of this bright young man includes Music, Sports and Spending time in nature. Sourove says he has a Facebook Fan Page named “Kirti Sourove”, dedicated to anyone who is seeking any kind of Digital Media and Cyber Security Support, where he stays active regularly. Sourove’s artistic mind inspired him to connect with the mass people.

Now it’s a place where he finds bliss and peace. Sourove says he finds time for football even when he has to manage work pressure and studies side by side. Indeed smart-work has brought him in a stable position in a short span of few years. Conventional study system may not always be able to provide a job in the future for this mas population, so according to him: freelancing might be able to create excellent jobs. Sourove encourages youths to join here as skilled manpower will be needed in future. While he himself love to work with youths, most of the time.

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