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‘Anti-Indian words don't suit in BNP's mouth’

11 March 2017, 5:12:40

Staff Reporter:Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday accused BNP of pursuing a “double-policy” regarding India saying anti-Indian words don't suit in BNP's mouth as they came to power in 2001 pledging to sell the country's resources to the next door neighbor.

“It was (BNP leader) Khaleda Zia who gave a bond('muchleka') (undertaking) of selling gas to India, and doing this, they came to power. So anti-Indian words don't match in their mouth,” she said addressing the 2nd National Council of Jubo Mohila League at the Krishibid Institution auditorium here on Saturday afternoon.

Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League president, said her government wanted to take advantage of the country's resources for the people first and therefore “(Unlike BNP) I didn't give any such undertaking”. “We wanted that the country should have a reserve of gas for 50 years (of need) and only then it should be considered whether we would sell it or not,” she said.

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