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Rohingya issue

Army is coming on field

23 September 2017, 9:30:00

Bangladesh Army will be start work officially from Saturday (23 September) to provide relief and rehabilitation of Rohingyas who have fled to Myanmar.

In a press briefing at the conference room of Cox's Bazar deputy commissioner on Friday (22 September), Deputy Commissioner Ali Hossain told this information.

Deputy Commissioner said, With the humanitarian assistance of the Rohingya expelled from Myanmar, the Army will continue to work continuously in the Rohingya camp by coordinating with the district administration of Cox's Bazar.

At the press conference, the Deputy Commissioner said, Since the Rohingyas started drumming On the instructions of the Prime Minister, the relief materials are continuing to be distributed among them. It provides relief to 1 million 20 thousand Rohingya relief facilities every day. Also, 2000 liters of pure water is being supplied every hour.

Deputy Secretary of Prime Minister Ashraful Islam, Police Super AKM Iqbal Hossain, Additional Deputy Commissioner Md. Anwaran Nasser, Additional District Magistrate Mohammad Khaled Hossain and others.

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